Lecture Topics

Lecture Topics

We’ve lined up top career authors and experts that will give you the confidence to manage each transition and job change in your career. Join lectures and discussions on career management, the job search process, soft skills, retirement and even business and startup strategies.

Pre/Post Retirement

We are reminded throughout our lives of the importance of saving for retirement.  However, few of us put any time or thought into the emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual, or entrepreneurial aspects of retiring. Have you?  While you may be on track for your financial goals, how do you plan to live out your retirement years?  What does your significant other expect of you and your retirement years?   This is a great lecture series for anyone who is still years away from retirement, just entering retirement, or already living out their golden years.

Career Management

You might be surprised to learn that only a small portion of the working population has a career plan.  Most people don’t look beyond the next two months of employment and as a result they are missing out on controlling their career and professional development.  We’d like to remind you that the more time and effort you put into exploring career opportunities, building out your professional network, and acquiring the soft skills employers LOVE, the better odds you will have at controlling your life and career. Remember, if you don’t have a career plan, you are likely to end up where others see you, not where you see yourself.

Soft Skills

For decades hiring managers have been complaining that potential hires do not have the soft skills required to be productive employees.  This is your opportunity to listen to a couple of dozen top career authors and coaches who will teach you about teamwork, leadership, public speaking, creative thinking, problem-solving, writing, and communication styles so you can impress hiring managers and your boss!

Job Search

The Job Search Track will introduce you to the latest ideas, skills, and strategies you will need in your next job search.  Authors and career coaches will introduce you to easy-to-implement strategies for cover letters, resumes, interviewing, networking, personal branding, and utilizing social media in your job search.  You’ll learn proven techniques to make your LinkedIn page work for you.  Gain the confidence you need to launch and lead a successful career by participating in this track.