The Career Speaker Series provides a value-added member benefit!

Over the past decade, the Career Speaker Series has been used by groups, organizations, companies, and colleges to provide a relevant “value-added” benefit that increases dues payers, membership, member engagement, and member satisfaction.

We host weekly career and professional development lectures by top career authors. We’ll create a customized registration page for your organization to track member engagement and a dashboard to show ongoing participation. Your members can participate in the schedule events for free.

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Alumni Associations

Your Alumni Associations can use the Career Speaker Series to provide lifelong career and professional development programming to alumni. Research by the Alumni Attitude Study has shown alumni regard career support as a valued “member benefit.”

National Associations

If your National Association has a job board, why not take the next step and offer your members career and professional development support? The weekly lectures by top career authors provide an important content strategy that keeps your members coming back to your site.

Job Boards

Your job board is a critical tool for job seekers. With so many job boards available today, consider giving job seekers another reason to come back and check out the latest postings. Adopting career and professional development programming will increase the amount of time spent on your job board.

Health Clubs

If your health club is competing for the time and attention of members, consider providing the Career Speaker Series as another member benefit. We can expand the lecture series to include health and wellness experts.

Authors and Career Coaches

The Career Speaker Series is an important brand-building tool for authors and career coaches. We build out customized portals for our partners and give their members free access to all career and professional lectures. Our partners promote the series collectively to hundreds of thousands of members. You will receive social media marketing banners and content to promote your participation.

Employers and College Recruiters

Employers and college recruiters use the Career Speaker Series as a way to show current and prospective employees their commitment to career success. Hiring managers particularly like to see employee engagement in the Soft Skills and Business & Startup Track.

College Students and Parents

Research suggests students that take ownership of their careers early in their college experience are more likely to land internships, jobs by graduation day, jobs relevant to their major and at higher salaries. Colleges and universities can leverage the weekly lecture series to increase enrollment, retention, and graduation rates.