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The greatest investment you can make is in your career.

The Grad CareerFestival will introduce you to the top career authors and thought leaders who will share timely and relevant ideas that will help you launch and lead a successful career.  You can participate in any of the nearly 100 career lectures at no cost.

We are committed to be there during each transition of your career – from graduation to your retirement!

The Career Speaker Series includes four tracks that provide tips, skills,
and strategies to advance your career!

Career Management
Don’t wait twenty years to find out if you are headed down the right career path! Discussions on career exploration, personal strengths, career management, career planning, and creating a career-life balance.
Job Search
You can shorten your job search by learning fundamental job search strategies. Discussions on resumes, networking, interviewing, LinkedIn, cover letters, job boards, elevator pitches and company research.
Soft Skills
Managers will expect you to be investing your own time to develop your soft skills. Authors will lead discussions on leadership, teamwork, goal setting, time management, diversity issues and creative thinking
Retirement Life
Advertising reminds us to invest time and effort to develop a financial strategy for retirement. We also should also be thinking about the emotional, psychological, physical, and entrepreneurial issues.

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We are committed to help you launch and lead a successful career!

Congratulations on your amazing achievement.  Attaining a college degree is a remarkable achievement and one in which you will gain a lifetime of value.   You are joining tens of thousands of alumni from around the world that will be your professional network.

One of the benefits of staying engaged with the alumni association is to tap into our career events and activities and build your professional network with influential alumni.

Let us know how you want to stay involved with your alma mater and what we can do to give you the confidence to launch and lead a successful career.