Weekly Career Lectures by TOP Career Authors from Around the World!

The Career Speaker Series will introduce you to career authors who will share tips, skills, and strategies to help you explore new career opportunities, look for a job, adopt soft skills that will help you advance your career, and even prepare you for your retirement years.

Each week, we will introduce you to a different career author who is an expert in their field.  Attend the presentations that support your current career transition.  If you miss a scheduled event, you can watch the recording anytime.

Which career lecture series fits your current employment/career situation?
I'm out of work or looking for a new job.
The CareerSearch lecture series will introduce you to the world's top career authors who will share tips and strategies on resumes, cover letters, branding, LinkedIn, and the job search process. It is held the first Wednesday of each month!
I'm looking for a career change.
The CareerDiscussions lecture series will introduce you to authors who will provide strategies to handle difficult people, change careers, negotiate salaries, and get promoted!  It is held the second Wednesday of each month!
I need to improve my soft skills.
The CareerSkills lecture series will showcase authors who are experts in leadership, teamwork, networking, communications, problem solving, and critical thinking.  It is held the third Wednesday of each month!
I'm getting ready to retire.
Retirement sneaks up on you fast!  The CareerEncores lectures will showcase authors who will share things you should be thinking about prior to, and as you enter your retirement years.  It is held the fourth Wednesday of each month.

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2020-2021 Career Lecture Series
October through June
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Job Hunting Secrets They Don't Tell Us About
April 7th,  8-9 pm EDT
CareerSearch Series

Wayne has been there and done that.  Like you he's not only changed jobs but changed careers.

The consistent part of his career was the process to land the next job.  The hard part was adjusting to and learning how about the new career paths he choose.

In this session, Wayne will share with you the fundamental tips and strategies he found to be the most effective in getting his resume notices, successfully handling interviews and negotiating his salary.

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Networking in the 21st Century
April 14th,  8-9 pm EDT
CareerDiscussions Series

Your professional network will determine how long you will be searching for your next job.

If you have a limited network, it's likely to take you months longer to land a job.  That means lost income, anxiety, and a whole lot more effort.

David is like a breath of fresh air.  You will be reminded of the importance of building a network of professional contacts in every area of your life.  Your neighbors, friends, fellow church members, club members, and yes, colleagues in your company are part of the network that can help you land the job of your dreams with less time and hassles.

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Powerfully Simple Meetings
April 21st  8-9 pm EDT
CareerSkills Series

We all dread meetings!  They can drone on forever without getting anything constructive done.

Bryan will share with you not only how to conduct a meeting, but also how to be a more responsive and productive meeting participant.

There are specific techniques and strategies you call on to make sure a meeting stays on track and that all members of the meetings are accountable.  Bryan will give you tips and strategies that will make your meetings fun and productive! 

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Reinvent Your Career: Beat Age Discrimination to Land Your Dream Job
April 28th  8-9 pm EDT
CareerEncores Series

Diane is one of the most prolific career authors in the market today.   Her expertise spans the traditional job search strategies and today's most effective personal branding strategies.

These techniques are not only applicable to a twenty year old but one entering their 50's and 60's

Join Diane to learn proven strategies to manage your career as you approach your retirement years.

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The Only Job Search Process You will Ever Need Using the Marketing Mix to Rise Above the Competition
May 5th  8-9 pm EDT
CareerSearch Series

You have to remember when you are looking for a job you are competing with as many as 250 other people who are looking at that job.   As with any competition you need to be prepared, practice, and perform.

That means your resume has to speak directly to the responsibilities of the job you are applying to.  That means you need to do your homework and learn about, not only the company, department but gain an understanding of their problems and issues.  And you need to get to know who the players are.  Curtis will share proven steps and strategies to help you land the job you want - faster!

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Career Asset Management: Getting Ahead, Staying Ahead and Using Your Head to Maximize Your Career Value
May 12th  8-9 pm EDT
CareerDiscussions Series

Your career is the most important asset you have.  It's more important than stocks, your house or other physical assets and it requires, no demands that you continue to invest in it.

That means you need to continually be investing time in building your network, improving your soft skills, taking on new responsibilities, and stretching your ambitions.

Michael takes an investment bankers approach on how you can invest in your career.

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Small Acts of Leadership: 12 Intentional Behaviors that Lead to Big Impact
May 19th,  8-9 pm EDT
CareerSkills Series

We are all called to be leaders at times and we need to be prepared to lead when called on.

Shawn has identified 12 key traits leaders need to fall back on if they are to help their departments and organization manage the issues and opportunities that all firms face.

While Shawn will not have time to review all 12, you will learn the key traits that you can work on to strengthen your leadership skills.

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Hired for Youth Fired for Age
May 26th 8-9 pm EDT
CareerEncores Series

You work your entire life and take your promotions in stride.

And then one day you realize you've not only hit the peak of your career, your find that management is looking at your position as an expendable position that could be turn be eliminated in an effort to save the company money.

Reynold will share ideas and strategies you can implement to prepare for, but more importantly recognize and avoid.

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Five Mistakes Job Seekers Make and How to Avoid Them
June 2nd 8-9 pm EDT
CareerSearch Series

You have to be on top of your game when you are looking for a job.  The job search process can take months longer if you don't have a plan to follow.

Join Jade to review the five mistakes most job seekers make and learn how you can take the anxiety out of your job search

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All Hats On Deck: Implementing a 360 Degree Decision Framework
June 9th 8-9 pm EDT
CareerDiscussions Series

Do you suffer from procrastination?

We are all required to make dozens and not hundreds of small to large decisions each day.  Some of the decisions can be made without the input of others, and yet some are dependent on information we can obtain from our resources or colleagues.

In this informal discussion, Donald Thompson will share strategies you can adopt that will give you the confidence you need to make critical decisions.

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QTNT: The Quotient Equal Pay for Equal Work
June 16th 8-9 pm EDT
CareerSkills Series

Rick Gillis has solved the equal pay issues.

Rick's book addresses head on the discrepancies in today's pay systems by providing managers a quantifiable, predictable formula that can be applied to any job, any responsibilities and any function.

His formula will revolutionize the HR industry because it will not only set a new standard, but it will change the way you will get paid.  Don't miss this ground breaking discussion.

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Who will Take Care of Me When I Am Old?
June 23rd 8-9 pm EDT
CareerEncores Series

When you are young, you feel invincible, but the inevitable will happen and one day you will find yourself not only retired but unable to do simple things like opening jars, taking out the trash, even driving.

You need to be thinking about who will be part of your resource team as you find yourself unable to handle things that were effortless before.  Joy will outline ideas and strategies you can have in place to not only manage your finances, but your day to day living requirements.

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