Couple’s Retirement Puzzle 10 Must-Have Conversations for Creating an Amazing New Life Together

Retirement can be the best time of your life, but for couples, there’s far more to it than cashing in on your 401(k). The most important asset you have during retirement is each other, yet many couples aren’t sure where to begin to prepare for retired life or what to consider as they do.


Author and creator of the Unemploymentville blog, Anne Emerick has interviewed career coaches, entrepreneurs, and everyday people to explore their stories of bouncing back from a personal unemployment crisis.  An will ask you;  are you unhappy with how long you’ve been out of work?,  are you starting to panic about your finances?, do you dread when people ask what you are up to, or how the job hunt is going?

There is a good chance you are the best candidate for the job, but what if you can’t articulate that? Interviews, unfortunately, favor individuals who can not only listen and understand the questions being asked but are able to quickly formulate good responses. You can learn how to increase your confidence and dramatically improve the impressions you make in interviews when you join Carole Martin, author of Boost Your Interview IQ.


Carol Kaemmerer wrote the book LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive to help business professionals leverage the power of LinkedIn to increase their visibility, engage with their ideal audiences and grow their business. LinkedIn is not just for job seekers; it is also today’s essential business tool for any professional who wants to grow their professional reputation, opportunities and influence.   You will learn how to use LinkedIn as a vehicle for expressing your thought leadership and building your own authentic brand as a leader while contributing to your company’s brand equity. You will walk away from this event by learning how to use LinkedIn to power your career.




Brenda knows her stuff. As an Amazon #1 Best-Seller, her book is the “bible” to anyone who is looking at using the power and potential of LinkedIn to help them land jobs fast. LinkedIn is rapidly becoming the new resume. Its importance cannot be underestimated.  It’s easy to create a basic LinkedIn profile – but, it’s difficult to create an informative, fact-filled, keyword-optimized, profile that conveys your unique passions, experiences, accomplishments, and potential – and that gets you a job. Brenda will help unlock those secrets by sharing her “3 L’s” with you.

The job search process takes an enormous amount of time, effort, and concentration. Along the way you will have to do a significant amount of research, apply to more jobs than you remember, make yourself available for interviews at the last minute, and wait, wait, wait!  Clark will share strategies he’s learned along the way that will help you land a job faster.

Research shows that hiring managers spend as little as 6 seconds reviewing the average resume. It is common knowledge that hiring authorities know within the first two minutes of a candidate walking in the door if they are going to bring the candidate back for a second interview.

If you are looking to increase your confidence and competence in the job search process you will want to visit Curtis Jenkins who will share specific actions that combine marketing techniques to stand out as the best available candidate on the market. You will learn how to; promote yourself in traditional and social media channels,  position yourself for rapid advancement, price yourself!



Searching for and landing a job can be a stressful, demoralizing experience, especially, if you don’t know how to do it properly. The ‘old ways’ of finding a job often don’t work anymore. Rae Stonehouse will introduce to ‘best practices to land your dream job. Rae has conducted a great deal of research and isolated best practices you can adopt.

If the job search process appears overwhelming to you, spend some time with Jim to gain a foundation on building a successful job search starting with your resume.