Grab Your Keys and Drive Your Career

You are not alone!  In fact, nearly 1.7 million students graduate from college each year. Everyone is struggling with the same questions.  Join Los Ellis to gain insight on how you can leverage your knowledge, skills, connections, and uniqueness to launch and lead a successful career.  You’ve got a lot going for you.  You’ll learn that from someone who started below the bottom and worked his way up!


Before you were told to “Lean In,” Dr. Lois Frankel told you how to get that corner office.  Lois will share with you how to eliminate unconscious mistakes that could be holding you back and offers invaluable coaching tips that can easily be incorporated into your social and business skills.  You will learn how to stop making “nice girl” errors that can become career pitfalls.


Patty Azzarello became the youngest general manager at Hewlett-Packard at age thirty-three, ran a $1 billion software business at thirty-five, and became a CEO at thirty-eight, all without turning into a self-centered, miserable jerk! She knows what upper management is looking for, as how to help you advance your career, and will share insider secrets – previously only known in the corporate suite.

LinkedIn started slowly in 2005 and quickly exploded to become the world’s largest directory of working business professionals. By now, you know the power and potential to build your own personal network, but are you adequately using that network to help your business expand its reach and revenue?  Dave Gowel has some definite strategies and ideas you can adopt.





The idea of starting your own business is exhilarating and inspiring. It’s one over 30 million Americans pursue. But, being the significant other of an entrepreneur is not so glamorous. Boundaries between work and home disappear. Personal savings and business funds become intertwined. You can feel like a single parent as your spouse travels, works late hours, and answers calls and e-mails 24-7. You may even sacrifice a career or move your home for the sake of the business.

But there are strategies you can use to combat all this stress and uncertainty. Whether you’re new to the start-up world, or a long-term entrepreneurial partner, START, LOVE, REPEAT will help you understand exactly how a start-up affects your lives-and what you can do to build a happy and healthy relationship in the midst of the madness.

Join Dorcas to learn the emotional, psychological and spiritual strategies to launch your entrepreneurial endeavor.

Whether you are transitioning your career, or have been downsized, or believe that your true potential has yet to be fully tapped, Pivot is a guide to reinvention for anyone, at any age. With clear-eyed compassion and frank assessments, Adam shares the secrets that will guide you away from fear and toward a powerful new vision for your life.

If you are tired of the hype surrounding social media and LinkedIn, you are in the right place. There are no shortcuts to creating value and opportunities with LinkedIn, but knowing the right approach will save you hours of frustration and add dollars to your salary and bottom line.

No matter what your job title or position, your ability to connect with others is the key to finding the resources you need to achieve success. Your LinkedIn profile and participation at LinkedIn is key to your future advancement.

Join David Fisher to learn how to:

  1. Define a sharable personal brand.
  2. Craft a LinkedIn Profile that engages your reader.
  3. Navigate the 300+ million members of LinkedIn to create a network that works for you.
  4. Share professional content that others will find relevant.
    Connect with the right prospects, employers, and partners.

And much more…


Who thinks of a career as an asset, like a house, stocks, bonds or even a car?  Michael Haubrich does.  With more than 30 years of experience in financial management, it dawned on Michael that the most important assets people have – their careers – are rarely nurtured or fed, few develop career plans. According to Michael, your career is the greatest investment you will ever make.

In today’s fast-paced, unstable workplace achieving success requires speaking up, promoting oneself and one’s ideas, and taking initiative. Extroverts, fearless in tooting their own horns, naturally thrive in this environment, but introverts often stumble. Jane will remind you that it’s OK to be introverted but if you want to make a mark in your department, organization, industry you will need to learn when to adopt proven strategies that will get your message not only delivered but remembered.

Do you believe – change is good? Being adaptable and flexible have always been hallmarks of effective leadership and fulfilling life. But in a world of so much—and faster-paced—change, and an ever-faster pace of change, flexibility and resilience can be stretched to their breaking points. The quest becomes how to find calm and lasting meaning in the midst of enduring chaos.