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Weekly Career Lectures by TOP Career Authors from Around the World!

The Career Speaker Series will introduce you to career authors who will share tips, skills, and strategies to help you explore new career opportunities, look for a job, adopt soft skills that will help you advance your career, and even prepare you for your retirement years.

Each week, we will introduce you to a different career author who is an expert in their field.  Attend the presentations that support your current career transition.  If you miss a scheduled event, you can watch the recording anytime.

Which career lecture series fits your current employment/career situation?
I'm out of work or looking for a new job.
The CareerSearch lecture series will introduce you to the world's top career authors who will share tips and strategies on resumes, cover letters, branding, LinkedIn, and the job search process. It is held the first Wednesday of each month!
I'm looking for a career change.
The CareerDiscussions lecture series will introduce you to authors who will provide strategies to handle difficult people, change careers, negotiate salaries, and get promoted!  It is held the second Wednesday of each month!
I need to improve my soft skills.
The CareerSkills lecture series will showcase authors who are experts in leadership, teamwork, networking, communications, problem solving, and critical thinking.  It is held the third Wednesday of each month!
I'm getting ready to retire?
Retirement sneaks up on you fast!  The CareerEncores lectures will showcase authors who will share things you should be thinking about prior to, and as you enter your retirement years.  It is held the fourth Wednesday of each month.
Telephone and Video Interview Success
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Sam Waterfall

In today's uncertain job market you will need to master the art of telephone and video interviews.  Each have their own don'ts that could eliminate you from the next round.    

Unless you are really lucky or well connected it can take 10 or more interviews to land a job.  Sam will share with you proven strategies that will help you feel more comfortable in your phone and video interviews.  It will help you come across the way you want to be perceived.

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The Art of Being Indispensable at Work
October 14th - 8-9 pm EDT

Bruce Tulgan

You really don't have to work harder than the person next to you to get ahead in the game, you only have to deliver what your management expects you to accomplish and do it right and on time.

Bruce will share important research that will give you insights on not only how to "play the game", but more importantly keep focused on what management thinks your priorities should be.

Once you understand the strategies Bruce will share with you, you will have a whole new perspective on your job.

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Accelerate Your Impact: Action-Based Strategies to Pave Your Professional Path
October 21st - 8-9 pm EDT

We spend way too much time living and working based on others expectations of us.

JJ will help you become more aware about what makes you tick, what makes ,you happy, and what makes you the most productive so you can harness that knowledge and align your goals, passions, and skill sets for a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

You will walk away with proven action-based strategies to pave a new, exciting, and financially rewarding professional path.

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Moving Forward in Mid-Career
October 28th - 8-9 pm EDT

How prepared are you for making a career change in your mid to late career?

None of us are!

But there are strategies you can begin to put in place right now to make it easier for you to manage sudden changes in your career.

John will help you understand the emotional and psychological stress unexpected career changes will have on you and those you support.  More importantly, John will give you the knowledge and wisdom on how to comfortably maneuver through difficult times quickly!

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101 Small Rules for a Big Job Search
November 4th - 8-9 pm EDT

Tony Beshara is Dr. Phil McGraw's go-to-guy when a guest on his show needs help in landing a job and reinventing his/her career.

Tony, as President of Babich and Associates has placed over 11,000 executives in jobs over the last four decades.  He knows what hiring managers are thinking and he knows every mistake in the book that his clients made during and after their job search.  

Join Tony to learn the small rules you need to master for a BIG job search.

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Five Keys to Job Promotion
November 11th - 8-9 pm EDT

Just working hard won't get you that next promotion.

Chayla Cooper has documented five specific strategies you will need to be aware of - and implement- if you expect to advance your career at the rate you expect.

Chayla has learned from experience and documented these strategies in her book, 5 Keys to Job Promotion, but you will get to hear all of them so you can begin to lay the groundwork to act on the five strategies starting tomorrow!

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The 10 Commandment of Winning Teammates
November 18th - 8-9 pm EDT

Employers expect us to be great team players.

But, you ask, what is a great team player?  Glad you asked that!  Sean Glaze takes a look at what makes a great team and teammate from his years of coaching basketball. The experience showed him insights and strategies that he was ignoring and when he changed his approached, instantly developed a culture in his team that was supportive yet competitive and yes, it developed stunning winning teams. 

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Step-by-Step Planner for Maintaining Your Financial First Aid Kit!
November 25th  8-9 pm EDT

Ugh!  Who likes to keep financial records.  There is just nothing rewarding about it and it appears more time consuming than it's worth.

Tony will convince you otherwise.  He will share with you a step-by-step process that will help you organize all of your financial papers so they are accessible when you (or those who will support you) need them.  This process will help you manage your finances, as well as save time and money.

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Build Resumes that Even the Federal Government Will Want to Review!
December 2nd  8-9 pm EDT

Hiring managers look at your resume as a way to weed you out of the running.  Research shows-- based on the 200+ resumes employers get for the average job opening --that they only glance at it for 6-10 seconds.

Kathryn is going to share tips on how you can prepare your resume not only for the jobs and employers you are interested in working for, but she will give you insights, tricks, and proven strategies to prepare your resume for jobs in the federal government.

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Let Samurai Be Your Guide: Seven Bushida Pathways to Personal Success
December 9th  8-9 pm EDT

The Japanese Samurai were incredibly focused, skilled, and tenacious people.

They created a culture and myth that you are aware of even today.  These personal traits are secrets to only those who don't care to improve their lot in life and their personal happiness.  

Join Lori as she shows you the importance of courage, integrity, respect, honesty, benevolence, loyalty and honor.  You will begin to understand why these are important traits to adopt and live by every day.

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Connect like a Boss: Developing the Soft Skills You Need
December 16th  8-9 pm EDT

Most of us get hung up on the fact that we work for one or many bosses. 

Ray Abram is going to get you thinking out-of-the box and looking at yourself as your own boss so you can build a powerful personal network that will be there to support you when you need them.

Ray will discuss the soft skills you will need to build these relationships and remind you of the importance of "giving" before you need to "ask".

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Encore!  A Boomers Guide to Rocking Your Retirement
December 23rd  8-9 pm EDT

Marilyn Myrick Watson

If you are nearing or already in your retirement years, you need to participate in this meeting.  

Marilyn will share first hand stories on how she has had to learn how to stop out of her comfort zone in order to experience the full job and opportunities of her retirement years.

You will learn the importance of "just showing up" and how that simple act will introduce you to events, people, and issues that will enrich your life.